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“Being part of a courageous, giving and inspiring community is transformational. I’m forever grateful to each and every one of you, you’ve added enormously to my life, thank you. It’s a blessing and honour to be able to work with so many fascinating people and organisations across so many countries. Love you all for sharing the experiences, joy and inspiration.”

Wesam has this unique ability that helps expand your mind and take you and your business to higher grounds. He lives and breaths what he believes and shares, I know this from years of interacting and from the continued growth and results we get. You will struggle to find anyone who cares more about helping people achieve. He will go out of his way to serve your needs and make a true difference in your life. He has much knowledge, integrity, emotion and a beautiful magnetic connection. I am especially impressed with how Wesam introduces new changes to suite the evolving market conditions so I feel privileged to know him; he has made a significant impact on our business and life.

Hanna Ali

He really has an amazing gift. Sam helps you rethink so many things and understand so many new possibilities ahead. When you are generating millions and surrounded by activity it is easy to start thinking you are winning, however when you talk and work with this man you will discover so many more new possibilities to re-leverage your gifts, your relationships, resources and your skills. He is one of the most striking I know for strategic planning, sales, marketing, business automation, collateral design and restructuring offerings in such a way that position you above the market and really helps grow your business and revenue. His experience and know-how will move you and your business up a few levels and help you to serve your clients and community in a much more profound and high impact way. He never compromises on his purpose in life, he is one of the kindest people we know.

Anne Jack

This man is a rockstar, everything he did was mastery. In addition to helping across the board of multiple very high profile projects, I’ve watched him pull together what no one else was able to do or come close to doing with the largest professional legal and accounting publishers in the country. He’s generous in every respect and his business expertise, mindset, sales and marketing efforts all lead to growth and revenue. Sambo lives true to his values and his purpose in life will astound you.

Andrew James

In just 2 months Wesam Fawzi helped us to reach international markets we’d never considered. He’s full of connections, knew exactly how to reposition what we did for each market and helped our team deliver an unexpected half a million profit in 3 months! We’re still in shock, we didn’t even expect anywhere near the results we got. The man delivers every single time! The whole team loves him, and so does my wife, for flying out especially to visit her when she was ill. Champion!

Mo Reda

He has actively encouraged me to engage in a win:win business approach. In coaching me he has made me look at all aspects of a transaction to ensure that all parties benefit – when you think of it this makes perfect business sense. Wesam is very easy going and talking to him or asking for help has never been an issue. I would actively recommending Wesam as a mentor to anyone involved in business. He brings with him level thinking, quiet confidence and a deep understanding of working with people to help achieve success.

Lyn Heywood

I have known and worked with Wesam Fawzi for many years now as he is one of very few people who have a moral compass which he never compromises; his beliefs and values are reflected in both his professional and personal life. It is because of this I continue to work with him today, he is a rare gem in the business world and his knowledge and ability to deliver results is amazing, I am very lucky to know such a man.

Lisa Ford

You’re the kindest and most generous bloke I’ve ever known Sam. You ooze with creativity and knowledge. Your strategies and expertise came out right and when they were needed most. You’re a star to have helped me through in business and life. You’re a super mate that adds value to everyone, love ya. Heart and mind of gold!

Naj Soryal

What does one say about our brilliant Wesam. We call him our multi super growth man. During the first 3 months he decoded our edge, repositioned, repackaged, remarketed and had his team implement technologically advanced systems and integrate them seamlessly. He also trained our key people and teams (sales, telesales, marketing, customer service and operations). Our business added a further 1.3 million to our bottom line that quarter. We never dreamed of this kind of growth in such a short time. Today there is nothing internal or external that we don’t first run by him. Do what he says and he will plan out your road map and guide you with strategies, ideas, tools, resources and so much more. He’s priceless because he brings many experiences, contacts and wisdom that will also help the day to day struggles or challenges we all meet in business and life (a brain fuck at times). He will also inspire you to do what’s most important by your clients, your community, your stakeholders, your team and your friends. He is the nicest guy we’ve ever worked with, he’s a stand up friend now and we trust him and highly recommend him too!

Sam Shedeed

Wesam’s impressive in every business aspect. First time I met him he just listened, went away and came back with mind blowing ideas and stuff that brought in a 400% increase in revenue, and that was just the starters. I’ve worked with many out there over the years but this guy knows how to get to the core of what’s important and needed. He’s a kind guy too, always helping others. Why work with assholes when there’s Wes?

Khald Shoura

Sam, what you and your team did to help our association is nothing short of brilliant. The board and team appreciate all the time, energy and work, thank you. We’ll be doing much more.

Michael Sinclair

The project not only hit targets, it shot through them. Thanks for the great strategy, creativity and delivery Sam, excellent and sales are up. Please thank the whole team who helped and for going so hard. More projects to follow.

Darren O’Brien

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