For over 20 years, Wesam Fawzi has been in the trenches helping rookie entrepreneurs, seasoned businesses and global corporations leverage the remarkable shortcuts to finally creating what’s needed to perform like powerhouses.

He is one of the most in-demand strategists on marketing, business modernisation, and higher performance in the world.




Hello, I’m Wesam Fawzi.

This is where you’re supposed to find a professionally written biography, showcasing all my world-class achievements, right?

Well, if I just presented that side of me, then it would be mainly ego talking. And you might get the wrong impression

…and that wouldn’t be altogether helpful. Because even though I admit I’m blessed from a 20+ year career as an entrepreneur, business growth strategist and investor, boy oh boy… have I been through some agonising experiences

…You see earlier in my business career, two of my friends saved me – lucky how the universe works. Later, I’ll share how they inspired me to go from… being a lifeless character to living life like driving a Lamborghini Huracán Performante – Beautiful One Day, Vigorous The Next.

By now you are likely wondering…

Is This Bloke Even Worth My Attention?

Frankly… for a lot of people reading this, I’d say NO.

Let me explain why…


If you want profit, wealth or power to the exclusion of all else, I don’t want to help you.

Look, this is not because I’m opposed to profit, wealth or influence.

In fact, I’m committed to building those areas for myself and the people I meet. But there’s a fine line that some people choose to step-over. And it’s easy to get lost once that line is crossed.

When you’ve travelled as much as I have, and worked and lived in many different parts of the world you see many different dimensions of life, of suffering, of success, of values, of cultures and much more. So I’ve learned not to judge very much other than intention.

People’s intent matters to me – I’m opposed to working with the people who choose to put profit, wealth or power above all else

…Because I love life. I love humanity. And I love our planet.

So if you pursue profit, wealth or power to the exclusion of what is meaningful – then I’m NOT the right bloke for you.


If you want to get rich quick, I’m not able to help you.

But, I get what’s behind that perspective.

Back in the nineties a lot of people (even me) thought we were living in a new era that would make lots of businesses get rich quick.

Even my BIG corporate, banking and SME clients thought we’d have millions coming in every month, automatically too, because technology and the internet were evolving so rapidly. The thing is, everything turned out to be very different. There was no effortless money to be made.

I did build several very lucrative businesses though. And the money flows in consistently. Many parts automated too. But I had to work flat-out. I was overwhelmed at times. There were frustrating moments too. Some even scary, but I persisted to get things right.

…And now I continue to put in effort to keep things growing smoothly.

So unless you’re willing to invest around fifteen times more work than you anticipate …I’m not the right bloke to have in your corner.


If you’re not prepared to advertise your stuff, you won’t like my material.

First up… I don’t represent any advertising agencies or sell ads.

But I do think advertising is important. If you’re wondering why,

…then just search the internet and you’ll find all kinds of videos, articles and ads about ways for getting free leads, how to make lots of moolah getting other people’s sales channels to sell your products and services, and all sorts of claims about the latest ways for manipulating the system to gain an advantage over others.

Are they all effective?

Some, but NOT long term! Any business depending on that kind of activity doesn’t have a viable business going. Your revenue flow is dependent on an unsustainable scheme.

Talk about squandering ones time. I mean, if you’ve got time to kill then you’re better off watching re-runs of Seinfeld. Because you’ll probably laugh, and that’s a good thing, right?


If you’re in search for “The Effortless Path”, I won’t help you.

OK, this part is important. I don’t mean I can’t help you.

I can. But I will not do it.

Here’s why…

When I hear anyone say something like, “Show me that path with minimum effort” I interpret that to mean…

“I will not truly commit myself in the lasting success of my business …and thus, will not truly commit myself in the lasting success of my clients”.

And that is a tell sign for, “I’m not willing to work or break a sweat”.

Like it or not, building a successful business and life takes a lot of attention, effort and energy. Make no mistake, its hard work.

But here’s the upside… it gets easy after it’s hard. Once you’ve got some positive momentum going, it can be like you imagined; good life, and a successful business with a steady flow of sales and revenue, even while you’re chilling out somewhere.

However I can assure you, getting to that liberating experience will take hard work to establish, and hard work to keep it growing smoothly.

Still With Me? Super.

Let’s go into what I’d like you to expect from me…

  1. Ready-to-go strategies and tactics, plus a myriad of insights from 20+ years of experience from the trenches, which you can use to win quicker in your business and life, immediately, for free …often followed by;
  2. Overt sales offers.

How’s that for being direct? It’s important to be open about these things, don’t you think?

After all …I’m a “business growth strategist”. And we generate income from selling what gets done here, right? So expect me to try sell you stuff, and I will be direct about it.

But like I said, my sales pitch will always come after I share the ready-to-go strategies and tactics, plus countless insights from my decades-long experience from the trenches, which you can use right now – for free.

The thinking is, at some stage you’ll say, “this bloke’s free stuff is truly helpful. I reckon I should give the paid stuff a go.”

Simple enough, right?

This is what I refer to as “The Proof Method” meaning, you demonstrate you can really help people by doing exactly that – HELP THEM.

Works wonders.

But you may still be wondering…

Is Any of This Bloke’s Stuff Helpful?

I think the intelligent approach is to …try my free stuff out for yourself.

If you find it helpful, then you’ll no doubt like my guidance and support.

If it isn’t helpful, then you will not.

This is the part where I’m supposed to go-over “the self-praising biography” spiel, so fingers crossed the old ego doesn’t try stealing the moment.

I established my first communication services business over 20 years ago in Sydney, Australia with a former co-worker. Although I was completely broke at the time, we built that business into a highly lucrative multi-million dollar company within 18 months, without debt, out of cash flow.

At first we did a variety of little to medium size projects helping seasoned businesses, government and global corporations, and as my skills and knowledge expanded, I got pretty good at 6, 7 and 9+ figure activity.

Some of the businesses and high profile individuals I help are big in their market. As fortune would have it, I worked alongside some of the most influential, headstrong and hard-to-direct people you can imagine.

Little did I know this journey would lead me to what I dreamed of as a kid… making a difference across the country I love! I was asked to join a group of Australian high achievers at the top of their game serving on the Australia Day advisory team – developing strategies, attracting contributors and sponsors, promoting events and drawing hundreds of publicly recognised celebrities to take part.

If you don’t already know, Australia Day, on 26 January, is one special national day every year that inspires national spirit and brings a nation of millions together.

Fast forward a decade, my network grew around the world, as did our works that served over 34,000 businesses, stretching across 200+ industries and sales fields.

I was very fortunate a lot of smart, successful players came into my life. Then one good thing led to another, and I set up a bunch of other multi-million dollar interests, with varying activities.

For a little while I felt it might all be happening by luck.

But you know what, early on in my business career I got to hang-out with – and learn from – many business dominators, “top guns” so to speak. So while I was helping them with my Thing, they helped me identify what I was unconsciously doing right in my business – plus which specific winning practices I needed to build-in while working alongside them (more on their generosity and genius later).

In 2000, I was compelled to end an unhappy relationship.

But it was impossible for me to imagine the ex could illegally strip me from being a parent to our kids.

You know what didn’t make any sense – even the Family Court of Australia judge could not enforce his own orders on the ex endorsing my parental rights.

That’s when my world collapsed. Imagine me going from living with my kids in a palatial home I built-in an exclusive part of Sydney with lots of cool toys, to a crushed man dying inside.

I turned into an emotional wreck without access to my kids. I gave up caring about my existence so my business moved to the edge of destruction. Several business creditors took action to bankrupt me during what was an extremely agonising divorce proceeding.

I had no kids in my life, no home, no plan and I had piled up a mountain of debt most people could not fathom let alone manage.

I felt like I’d been sucker punched.

Then in 2001, when I was at my absolute lowest, I had a near death car accident.

…Yet less than two years later, I not only recovered, I discovered how to conquer my pain and also rebuild my business and grow into the multi-million dollar space again. I also completely wiped-out my debt. After some trial and error, I expanded my activities across countries and built several more successful multi-million dollar interests.

Coolest part – even my 15+ year relationship is flourishing at a level I never imagined possible.

I finally started to experience true success.

I set up a life I don’t need to escape from.

Sometimes I pinched myself, thinking I’m dreaming…

Just when all this was going like I dreamed, my father got seriously ill.

His challenge deeply impacted my life and helped me to realise why I needed to shift the business focus before it is too late.

That’s when I decided to cut back on helping big corporations become a little bit bigger relative to how big they already were.

I knew if I redirect that same knowledge, those same skills, and that same value and effort I passed to the large businesses, I could build a global small business network and help a lot more people get unstuck by using the stuff we know to achieve far greater things.

And that’s something very close to my heart.

It inspires me to my core, because successful entrepreneurs and business owners are the ones I see committed to growth and making our kid’s futures and communities number one again.

You know what… as it turns out, all the amazing people, and the business wins I’ve been blessed with, and all my failings, mistakes, challenges and the painful situations I endured,

…were all experiences I needed to go through in order to leverage what I now know. That’s how I developed the know-how to become a “business growth strategist”.

Being a “business growth strategist” is helpful because I designed my business and life exactly the way I want.

And that’s how I became known as one of the most in-demand strategist for marketing, business modernisation and higher performance.

This Is What I’m Committed To Help You With

My primary focus is to help you win quickly in your business by using proven marketing, business modernisation and higher performance methods.

I’ll help you execute incredible shortcuts to finally creating what’s needed to avoid getting stuck so you’re performing like a powerhouse.

I created what I call, the I.D.E.A.L Method. It is a proven system based on what it can do best – –increase sales, multiply profits, mine overlooked opportunities and optimise your activities, right now, by strategically tailoring your communication, value and systems to your prospects and clients actions.

In my humble opinion, it’s the most potent approach to get you to the core of what’s needed to make a difference, and win quicker in business and life.

Another focus I work on is your positioning. I help you Amplify Your Edge so people like you, before you attempt to pitch them your offer.


I’ll guide and support you, and demonstrate the most effective ways to truly help your prospects (and clients) before they know about your sales offer.

Now I’m Going To Make My Opening Sales Offer To You…

Click on my home page and check-out some of my material.

If you think they’re good, then register for any of my FREE online workshops.

If you find them helpful, then consider working with me when I put-out an offer to sell you my stuff.

Simple enough, correct?

Here’s to more blue skies ahead!


Wesam Fawzi


Kiddie Lessons Inspired a Dream

I remember my first kiss, do you? Now I’m not saying I have a super memory or anything like that, but I do clearly remember certain events that impacted my life. Starting out in business is one of those.

I remember my first business transaction was at age 9. I remember the talk I had with my dad about asking him to loan me the money I needed to restore this rusty bike that I found in a junk yard. I remember I sold that bike for a handsome 135% profit. I remember who I sold it to, and what that whole experience felt like. I loved restoring that red and silver bike. I remember my dad asking me what I was learning from the experience while I worked on it in our garage! I remember the 4 things we talked about. Are you curious to find out what they were? If you are reading this then I think you are… I know I’d want to know.


“His experience and know-how will move you and your business up a few levels and help you to serve your clients and community in a much more profound and high impact way”


First lesson, I loved what I was doing, that’s why I worked on it so hard and finished it to the highest standards possible. Second, I learned that talking about it with other kids while I was working on it helped me to sell it. Talking about it seemed to spread the news quickly between others who were interested in bikes. That’s how I found my first customer Eddie. Third, I learned a lot from asking questions and then listening to what people said, that helped me immensely too. Fourth, I learned that adding that second mirror over and above what I promised Eddie, got him so excited he told a whole lot more kids, who all wanted to meet me and know more – I learned that it truly helps to over deliver.


“He brings with him level thinking, quiet confidence and a deep understanding of working with people to help achieve success”


Little did I know that this rusty bike, I so loved restoring, would be the seed I planted that would sprout so many more business interests in the future.

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My needs – family, friends and why I do what I do… and ice-cream and chocolate too

Some things never change – I discovered a passion for tinkering with cars at age 5, still love it

First independent business transaction at age 9 – rescued and rebuilt a rusty bike I sourced in a junk yard. Loved the experience of entrepreneurship so much, it stuck with me

First happy customer, age 9 – Eddie who bought the bike I rebuilt

First business profit – 135%, sold the first bike I totally loved building

First business loan and investment – spray cans, sand paper, tyres and tubes, chrome polish, ball bearings, pedals, riding gloves, seat and mirrors

First business loss, not – bought a broken cassette player. Tried to save it, failed but learnt a lot. Also built my first mechanical car out of it, then gave it to a sick friend who was inspired to go build things after that

Childhood years – grew up and lived in Sydney, Australia, then moved to Cairo, Egypt for a few years. What a change that was… massive experience

Freedom to the max – experienced the highs as a kid building things, selling them and riding my yellow banana skate board. Still love that board

First major family challenge was at age 11 – nearly lost my mum… lots of mixed experiences including moving overseas with my family, to save my mothers life

Failures / mistakes / heartbreaks – some really scary and some hurt to the core, but still wouldn’t change a thing

Stretching situations – they knocked me around but shaped me, showed me true friendships and helped me discover the purpose of my life

From task master to best friend, hero and mentor – my father who believed in family and doing more good for people (rest in peace Dad, love you)

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