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Everything Happens For A Reason

By 25/01/2017 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

Talk about mind blowing. I mean how does a negative situation turn into an absolutely awesome experience?

Not that long ago, I went to meet a client. I had to travel there (few hours). I arrive, it’s hot, about 39 Celsius. Anyway, I get there 30mins early, so I decided to go for a coffee a few doors away from my clients office. I order a coffee. I sit by the window looking into my phone, scrolling as you do. Coffee arrives about 5mins later so I look up and catch this middle age woman across the road. She’s sitting on an old worn out milk crate. She’s well dressed, just sitting there, looks unhappy… my mind wonders.

I finish my coffee. I get up and head to my client. I find out he’s not showing up. Apparently an accident, so meeting cancelled. Glad to hear he’s OK but a bit annoyed because the day is blown.

I wonder back past that coffee shop and I decide to cross the road, don’t know why, just did it. The woman I noticed before is still there on that crate.

I look at her and smiled as I’m crossing the road. I notice she’s actually crying. I stopped to ask her why. She tells me that she’s had a bad day. I asked if I could sit next to her to see if I could help, she nods.

Turns out she got fired from her job that morning. Her boss was struggling financially, she did his accounts. She tells me she can’t bear going home feeling sad, so she’s just going to wait it out until she feels a little better – she doesn’t want anyone home to know what happened.

She tells me how she lost the love of her life, her husband a year back. Then her sister and brother in-law passed away 10 months after that, an accident. So she took in her sisters kids, 3 young girls all under the age of 9. She loves them. They mean the world to her. She couldn’t have kids of her own and she’s at a loss now because she is responsible for them, low on money and the job she just lost gave her flexible hours which really helped her situation.

“Why is life so nasty? I’ve lost people I love in the same year and now my job” she said.

I made a few calls, arranged an interview for her and took her there. She got the job… with flexible hours and twice the pay she was on!

Now she has a new job and 3 beautiful girls to love. Sometimes we just have to trust things will be OK.

Really pleased my client cancelled that day. Turns out it was an awesome day for me after all 🙂

Here’s to blue skies ahead,


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