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Fire Up, Step Up, Run Your Race

By 24/01/2017 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

Finishing up one of my advanced consulting workshops with an amazing group of people, it’s an absolute honour serving them. As I’ve watched them grow bigger and bigger, the predictability of identifying ideal clients has proven to be a highly valuable asset that is next to impossible to operate a business without.

Mo Reda was making 12K per month and within 3 months of working together that jumped to 145K, then 2 months after that 350K per month. Mo was so keen to know what buttons to push; he even asked me to share details like what I do as soon as I wake up. By month 14 Mo had built a thriving 8 figure per year business while inspiring

and helping his wife recover from a challenging illness. I love that they’re going on their second honeymoon next month.

Khald Shour was averaging 18K per month and losing 1.2K p.m. When we first started working together he said he had a lot of debt, fear and doubts making him feel unhappy and insecure. In just 9 months he’s made 675K net in profits. Now that he is empowered and with significantly more resources, he feels stronger than ever and has moved his family to their dream home.

Look, these are just a couple of peeps from a long list of so many competent and committed people that completely transformed their business and life.

The reason I am able to help every single one of my clients to succeed is because we don’t focus on excuses, we focus on doing and achievement!

The thing about working with people that are committed to do what it takes to achieving what they want… they are never the same person they were before. You see, growth permeates across all areas of your life. And the money you make is directly linked to who you’ve grown to become.

I think most people know they have to run their race, but they resist stepping up to the starting line hoping that something outside of themselves might eventually deliver on their desires.

From my decades of experience in business, and from those of my clients in so many different industries and countries, what we’ve all found is; the proven path to living life the way you want is to Fire Up, Step Up and Run Your Race.

If you’re like I was, sick and tired of not living the life you dreamed… just get on with what needs doing because that journey will take you through an incredible transformation and you’ll become so much more, and you’ll also experience more breakthroughs than you can ever possibly imagine.

Come on – Fire Up, Step Up and Run Your Race because you deserve to live the life you dream.

Here’s to Blue skies ahead,


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