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Big Data Is Revolutionising The Way Businesses Play Their Game To Get More Of The Right Clients And Win Big

By 03/05/2017 September 11th, 2019 One Comment

The frightening thing most people don’t know, about using Big Data, is the underlying methods that have been successfully deployed since the early 1900s to influence the masses. They’re proven methods – from helping past Presidents and Prime Ministers get elected, to promoting support of war efforts in World War 1, to the selling of products to the masses during peace-time. The really frightening part is that it’s easy to be unconsciously persuaded in either GOOD or BAD ways by those armed with these methods.Whether this fills you with a sense of concern or hope, the fact is that…

Big Data is revolutionising people’s relationships with information.

Recently, articles on Motherboard, Financial Times and The Sydney Morning Herald talk about how the Trump and Brexit campaigns effectively used Big Data, psychographic profiling and targeted content to help win. I want to discuss this topic divorced from any political views because the point I am making is also proven by numerous businesses that are achieving high levels of leverage online and offline.

Before the Internet, we used old school methods to collect data, e.g. like running focus groups etc. Now, with devices and apps constantly tracking users, Big Data is collecting this ‘raw’ data about our behavior – the tiny details about everything in our public AND private lives and…

Those in the know are using it for greater influence.

Whether we like it or not, it’s happening. And it’s being embraced all over the world at a much faster pace with deeper insights into our inner-most desires.

Notice how the cost to the businesses collecting this data is building and or buying useful communication tools for people to use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat etc).

Notice the cost for you to use it is nothing – it’s mostly FREE. All it takes is you agreeing to whatever their Terms and Conditions are. It’s just a simple click of button and BAM. You’re in like Flynn!

If you’re like the billions of people out there, you share your views and experiences out to the world. You engage with whatever content that interests you leaving behind patterns, trends and insights – I like to call this “Explicit Knowledge”.

It’s invaluable to the businesses who leverage it.

If you’re in business you can easily leverage these communication tools too.

To succeed at the top levels, you SHOULD be mining this Explicit Knowledge. Perhaps by investing some money first, not a lot, and testing out different ideas and approaches.

Test what works and what doesn’t work. Not because you just want to make a quick sale to get return on your investment (that’s a given in business). But, because you’re mining for Explicit Knowledge so you can…

Target your IDEAL prospects and clients and serve them precise messages and material they value in real-time.

Those in the know will tell you this Explicit knowledge is invaluable to them. It underpins one of the common practices I share about why business dominators keep winning in the marketplace.

You see, I’ve been helping my clients’ to win big, and we’ve learnt A LOT drawing from 20+ years of experience working across 200+ industries and sales fields. So we apply Big Data through a systematic process and we’re getting really impressive results.

As a savvy business leader I think you should be investing to understand what drives the people you want because if you’re like any successful business you want to deliver more of the right value, because you care, and you Love Your Clients and you want them to win too.

And from that perspective, I think you too should use it for doing good things.

The sooner you figure this out, the sooner you can accurately get to more of the people who want your awesome stuff and not let those other snake-oil sales people selling BS get to them first.

Why let someone inferior to you do that to people you truly care about?

You obviously believe what you provide is the best thing since slice bread, right?

Use Big Data so more people get your awesome stuff. Perhaps they don’t know it’s that awesome yet, but you know they’ll love what you’ve got for them, and they’ll benefit from it. They deserve it. It is your job.

So sell it like there’s no tomorrow. And by all means make some moolah and create more win-win situations so more people win, and of course, you ultimately win bigly too 😉

Here’s to blue skies ahead,


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