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Turning Limitations Into Sources Of Possibilities And Advantages

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If you want to stand out and be recognised in your market, someone who’s listened to and trusted to “potentially” do business with… THEN know this; it’s NOT about you presenting your target market with a stunning selection of diverse offerings to “wow” them with. It’s NOT even about you concealing specific things or promising them with results based on unrealistic conditions. For a lot of the businesses I talk to,

…it’s about ethically reframing the exact same work you already do.

Reframe your prospects perceived limitations about your Thing. Educate them with compelling insights on why your Thing is more important, even indispensable to them.

If you bring clarity to the people who feel like they’re stuck in the weeds, confused by all information and choices out there, the ones that truly want out of the weeds will gather around you to get more clarity.

Why? Because busy people don’t have the time to wade through all the confusion and then do in-depth research. Realistically, who has the time to thoroughly research ahead of every little decision? By helping your prospects cut through confusion you eliminate all but the best options for them at that moment.

With True Clarity – You HELP them to see the forest from the trees.

That’s where the power is, right there.

But how? How do you position higher up the value ladder in their mind so you become recognised as indispensable to them?

By turning their perceived limitations into sources of possibilities and advantages.

Here are some handy tips to help you do just that:

  • – warn people about how some ,drawbacks of others in the market can cause specific symptoms they may experience
  • – caution people about the weaknesses in other solutions and how it might lead to setbacks, so they might be worse off
  • – share some of the negative experiences you or others have had due to certain flaws in other solutions
  • – forewarn them about how to avoid foreseeable pitfalls from missing features of different solutions out there
  • – prepare them for what NOT to expect with compelling reasons why
  • – clarify why your solution is a pre-requisite to solving the primary symptoms they experience
  • – suggest the features/benefits they can blame for the things that irritate them
  • – alert them about how incorrect application of say, specific features/benefits might harm them

… and how that might lead to a domino effect that flows to further problems.

By exposing the truths in your work and market place,

…you’ll be recognised as CREDIBLE, compared to those who impress with a dazzling range of bells and whistles.

To remain ethical, you don’t have to publically name and shame specific players here.

Don’t do that. It’s not necessary.

You’re warning your marketplace why certain limitations or disadvantages in general matter to them.

For example, let’s take mobile smart phones that aren’t waterproof. If you’re accident prone around water, have children or enjoy water activities then you will appreciate a phone that will survive splashes, spills and drops around swims. Waterproofing is there just in case it happens, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So now it seems like every other phone that doesn’t have waterproofing is not as good, even if you never intend to take advantage of that particular feature. So the limitation you can focus on is more than just splash proof, it’s the lack of waterproofing as a feature in other market players’ phones. See, no naming of specific model is necessary.

You remain totally cool, credible, caring and insightful.

Before we go on – a caution! The approach I’m outlining here merely increases the odds of you being trusted in your market. And we all know in business, particularly today, TRUST matters more than ever.

The Results – you’ve positioned and created confidence. You are seen as a wise and credible player in your marketplace. Someone who should be listened to and most likely even someone they can trust enough to do business with.

Now your prospects feel confident you can solve the issues you’ve helped them “identify in advance”. You see,

…a doctor who diagnoses a problem is presumed to have a cure.

So in your business, when you present your prospects with an offer to address the problems you have pre-defined for them (in addition to the problems they already knew), your Thing feels like the right one.

Do you want to know How and When to do it? PM me and we’ll see if/how your specific business situation can be solved together.


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