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Big Data Is Revolutionising The Way Businesses Play Their Game To Get More Of The Right Clients And Win Big

The frightening thing most people don't know, about using Big Data, is the underlying methods that have been successfully deployed since the early 1900s to influence the masses. They're proven methods - from helping past Presidents and Prime Ministers get elected, to promoting support of war efforts in World War 1, to the selling of products to the masses during peace-time. The really frightening part is that it's easy to be unconsciously persuaded in either GOOD or BAD ways by those armed with these methods.Whether this fills you with a sense of concern or hope, the fact is that... (more…)

People Buy On Emotion

When they start with, "So tell me a bit about your service?" don't fall for that trap!The truth is quite often business owners, consultants and sales people alike fall for the same trap when asked different versions of the same question, like: "How does it work?" or "What's involved and how are you able to help me?" or "What makes you different, can you tell me a bit about what you offer?". (more…)

Wealth, Doing Good, or Happiness, Which Will It Be?

You're probably in the wrong business, if you can't truthfully fall in love with your clients. And, you can forget about 10X'ing your Consulting Business too!As a business owner, you understand it’s NOT about loving your product, or your company, or your service. The more you care not for your agenda, but for your clients (customers, patrons, patients), the more you contribute to the happiness of their lives. But what about your Happiness? What do YOU need to know? (more…)

How To Get Ideal High Paying Clients

Are you tired of Clients who regularly demand more and more of you… draining your energy, leaving you feeling underpaid? Want a steady stream of ideal high-paying clients in your business? Most business people establish their business using the Wrong Approach, without having an effective strategy. (more…)