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How To Get Ideal High Paying Clients

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Are you tired of Clients who regularly demand more and more of you… draining your energy, leaving you feeling underpaid?

Want a steady stream of ideal high-paying clients in your business?

Most business people establish their business using the Wrong Approach, without having an effective strategy.

If you’ve heard my story you’ll know that after nearly two decades of loving what I do in business, I decided to walk away. There were several reasons but the catalyst to the change was one of those “life’s too short alarms”. Since then I’ve been committed to the things that matter most to me like family, community and helping more of the business clients I like.

All the business people I speak to want a thriving and stress-free business helping their clients solve problems and get ahead faster in life.

Have you noticed not many achieve this?

In fact, the few who do succeed at that are doing the Exact Opposite of what everyone else does and they’re working far less than ever.

So how is that… well, it’s all by design!

One key insight is to choose the right clients, and of course being able to specifically reach the higher-paying segment.

You might be thinking, “well my clients seem to be ok with what I do and my prices” and “I’m on par with the rest of the market.” Well, I think by the time you get through the 5 points below you’ll realise, in fact, you will seriously appreciate that you can have the type of high-paying clients you want doing Your Absolute Best Work.

You see, this type of Client not only wants your absolute best work and pays well, more importantly, they:

  • – have a faster sales cycle when you match their highest needs with your best work,
  • – become empowered and inspired to follow your guidance,
  • – take less effort to make them happy,
  • – get better results, so your quality of work goes up,
  • – lead you to enjoy more of your work,
  • – will happily promote you through word of mouth, leading to more recurring revenue from similar clients.

In my situation, my father helped me discover this breakthrough in thinking right after he suffered a serious health challenge. While I sat beside him in hospitals for days, even weeks and months at a time, I spent a lot of time by myself. And, I began looking at my whole life through a new lens.

My father helped me realise and do what I’ve been afraid to do for years. I should focus all my energy and effort on doing more of what energises and inspires me before it’s too late. On my work front that meant finding meaning from helping more of the people and businesses I really like, rather than just anyone. He said, “the ones you really like light you up. I can see a lot of energy and passion coming through you when you’re working with them.” Since having that chat, I got committed to focusing on and enabling more of those types of clients specifically – so they too can build thriving businesses around the lifestyles they want.

So as I meet real value, hungry to rise people now, I know for a fact that when we sit down, focus on their truths and understand the ins and outs of the work ahead, we find strategic ways to overcome more, make more money and achieve greater results across different areas faster.

So how do you get the IDEAL High-Paying Clients in the first place?

Well…Here are just a few ideas you need to start implementing now to reach more of those top-notch Clients:

1. Focus on Clients Who Recognise the Value of Your Absolute Best Work.
The people, who are certain your work is important to them, are highly valuable to you as a business. If you’re wondering why, well… one of the reasons is you will be able to guide and lead them more easily because you will NOT be questioned. So there’s momentum and no time wasting.

Let’s suppose you help people on dating, who do you think would seriously value your advice more? A university student hitting the bars and clubs every week or the 42-year-old recently divorced executive with a busy lifestyle looking for Wife 2.0? Of course, the 42-year-old exec. Why? Because he’s more committed, he’s financially more successful (appealing) and he’s busy, so he immediately recognises the value in your shortcuts and actionable insights.

2. Don’t Appeal To Clients Who Cannot Afford Your Services.
Selling High-Priced Offers to people is a similar process to promoting cheap offers. In the same example above, if you want to make more NET profit per client (because you’re providing HUGE value) who is more likely to have the means to pay for and buy your High-Priced Offer? Of course, the 42-year-old single executive.

3. Design A Service/Offering That Will Immediately Benefit High-End Clients.
Every high-end client feels their situation is unique, and somehow different from other people. They say, “no you don’t understand, my situation is different”. The thing is they don’t want a Cookie-Cutter one-size fits all solution. So now you are trying to Reach this 42-year-old exec, which offer do you think will immediately appeal to him? “Approaching and Talking to Women: For Beginners” OR “Dating Secrets For ‘The 40-Year-Old Recently Divorced’ Career Man”. Obviously, the later because it taps into his nagging feeling of being alone.

4. Find Prospective Clients Who Are Already Spending.
You’re wasting energy appealing to people who are not proactively searching for a solution. Ignore the ones who have not decided to do anything yet. Target prospective clients who are already spending money to fix a problem, or want to get the results you can deliver from your Absolute Best Work. That 42-year-old executive, who is committed, is probably buying other products and or services about “Finding A Dream Partner For Men Over 40″.

5. Show Some Personality and Passion.
You will have certain industry jargon, insights, knowledge and contacts within your niche. Your Past Experiences and Your Passions can serve as an incredible asset because of your level of understanding and empathy for your segment of the market. This opens up opportunities with like-minded people and industry pros. So your passion, your past and your personality attract more of the same. This makes your work 10X more fun; it just doesn’t feel like ‘work’ at all.

Let’s say you were a car enthusiast, maybe you really dig Mustangs and Mercedes (wink). As a business owner wouldn’t it be super cool networking with peers and working with many clients who have a similar passion for cars (or family activities, or travel etc)? As strange as it may seem, it happens. It’s automatic, it’s authentic and High-Paying Clients are more likely to want to connect and buy from you.

But remember, once you CAN reach these High-Paying Clients you must re-examine your price Vs value. Now a lot of times, your price is okay for the Perceived Value you offer. But sometimes, because you over-deliver or can deliver so much more, there’s tremendous opportunity to increase your Perceived Value, but I think that’s a post for another day.

Here’s to blue skies ahead 😉


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