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Wealth, Doing Good, or Happiness, Which Will It Be?

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You’re probably in the wrong business, if you can’t truthfully fall in love with your clients. And, you can forget about 10X’ing your Consulting Business too!As a business owner, you understand itโ€™s NOT about loving your product, or your company, or your service. The more you care not for your agenda, but for your clients (customers, patrons, patients), the more you contribute to the happiness of their lives. But what about your Happiness? What do YOU need to know?

The Secret To Happiness

The secret recipe to greater Happiness is Doing Good for others.

The secret to Doing Good is to have Resources.

The secret to having Resources is to build significant Wealth, through business.

The last one overwhelms many people. They mistakenly think that only tales of impactful philanthropy are available to those with A LOT of resources. The likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Bruce Wayne, may come to mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is actually completely wrong – Doing Good from FEW resources is much more meaningful to people.

I’ve experienced it first-hand from both the Giving end and the Receiving end.

On the Receiving end, at the age of 11 my family started going through a very tough period. After my mother was run over by a drunk driver I identified a lot of pain in my family, both emotionally and financially. My father sold assets to support her long recovery process. What changed my outlook on life was waking up one Christmas morning to find a massive tree with lots of presents and decorations in our lounge room. It was from people I didn’t even know, giving generously, caring and helping my family.

On the Giving end, all I had was about $20 and some coins. I had absolutely nothing to my name, nada, zilch and a mountain of debt. You see, I’d volunteered 100% of my personal wealth to the ex, believing she would let me continue seeing our kids and be a dad to them again. My legal team thought I was nuts.

So on the day the judge granted orders for the divorce (ex-wife), on my way out, there was this shop near The Family Courts. I was starving. I hadn’t eaten all day. Inside there was this young mother and her little girl; she looked about 8 or 9 year old. I could overhear them; they couldn’t afford anything but one cheese sandwich between them. Something hit me emotionally, I almost cried. I was wondering whether they even had anywhere to sleep that night. So I grabbed what was left in my pocket and said, “please accept this meal’s on me.” I still remember that little girl’s beautiful smile, she was so happy. And that made me feel really good!

So when we Do Good from FEW resources it leaves an impact on everyone concerned. I later discovered this works in business too.

The fact is that Doing Good AND Business is alien to most, and maybe even difficult to relate to.

Some business people I know get hung up on Philanthropy and Doing Good to the point that ‘equality and fairness’ becomes their mission. And some other business people are like, “I do my bit in donating… it’s about having a profitable business”. And yet there’s a growing group of business people who are like, “you can do both. And it’s AWESOME”.

Here’s the thing.

An Extraordinary Business AND Doing Good are very powerful when combined.

But if you need to START with one or the other, I recommend you go with building an Extraordinary Business making healthy Profits first. An Extraordinary Business creates real value for people. And, it can be a powerful vehicle for you to CHANNEL more resources to important areas you feel passionate about.

Think of it like making a new meal you just heard about. To create it, you’re going to need the ingredients. You’re going to need the recipe giving you the step-by-step method.

The ‘recipe’ is Doing Good.

The ‘ingredient’ is the Extraordinary Business.

If you lost the recipe, you can at least cook the ingredients and eat. I mean, it’s not as good as what the ideal meal might be, but you’re not going to starve that night, right ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, if you don’t have the ingredients, let’s say you left that bag somewhere in the shops, you don’t have sh*t. What are you going to do, just eat the recipe and call it a low carb diet?

Look, you can debate the morality of building a business first, but you can’t argue that your job is to feed yourself and your family first. So start cooking the Extraordinary Business. By the time you have built an Extraordinary Business, that momentum will enable you to do MORE Good on a scalable level.

Now, stir and combine your ‘awesome-sauce’ – Render great value with love. As you provide MORE value to clients, you are Doing Good in their lives.

The more contribution you make to the richness of their lives, the more happiness you bring to them, and they to you.

Here’s to blue skies ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

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